Shara Caballero

NMLS# 1200431

Mortgage Loan Specialist

Shara Caballero is a mortgage loan specialist with Key Lending Solutions. She has over 20 years of experience in the Mortgage-Finance-Banking Industry and is able to offer a broad variety of Mortgage Loan Products. She works closely with borrowers to find the right mortgage solutions and strives to provide individual personalized service to all of her clients, realtors and networking partners.

Shara and her husband, Rene, have a fabulous blended family of 5 children, Austin, Jack, Zack, Mary and James. In addition they have a grandson, Cooper Lee.

Shara Caballero

Additional Facts and Information

If you are in search of a lender that can answer the first time homebuyer questions, or if you just need someone with overall knowledge of the real estate industry, she is your girl!